Deployment is defined as the process which results in one Arc sensor, or multiple Arc sensors, running on the chosen target machine(s).


The preparation steps that you need to do will depend on the deployment option that you choose. The different options are:
  • A deployment-ready Guardian
  • Downloading the Arc package from the Nozomi Networks support portal
  • Downloading the Arc package from Vantage

MDM deployment

When mobile device management (MDM) software is in use in the applicable network, you can use it to automatically deploy Arc.

To use this method, you can use software such as:
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
When you use this method to deploy Arc, you need to:

Manual deployment

When you deploy Arc manually, you need to download the applicable Arc package first.

Manual deployment to run Service mode on Windows

If you want to run Arc in Service mode on Windows, you need to choose the provided MSI package. You can install and uninstall the software with the MSI package. You can also uninstall the application from the Control Panel. This can be run from any location.

Manual deployment for all other cases
  1. Put the applicable Arc package on the target machine.
  2. Run the Arc package locally.

Automatic deployment with Guardian

When connectivity to the target machine and their credentials can be granted to one or multiple Guardian, this can be also used to automatically deploy Arc.


Starting from v1.7.0, the Arc update mechanism no longer supports the update of an Arc that is installed outside of: C:\Program Files\NozomiNetworks\Arc

If you have Arc sensors that have previously been manually deployed outside of this path, you must manually uninstall them, and install them again.