New features

A list of new features that have been introduced in this release.

  • Arc-458: Arc can now extract installed software and libraries information on Linux. This is shown in the Asset view dedicated tab.
  • Arc-488: Arc can now be configured from Vantage, if directly connected to it.
  • Arc-503: The local configuration UI now shows only the relevant options for each Operating System (OS).
  • Arc-576: Added exceptions for invalid BIOS DMI values set by motherboard manufacturers.
  • Arc-628: Improved user experience when the user tries to open the local configuration UI on a headless OS: a message is now prompted to inform the operation is not possible.
  • Arc-634: Added support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and later versions.
  • Arc-644: Serial number, product name, and vendor asset information have been made consistent across the supported Operating Systems (OS).
  • Arc-648:
    • Arc now supports the Smart Polling strategy Bently Nevada.
    • Arc now supports the Smart Polling strategy Axis HTTP(S).
    • Arc now supports the Smart Polling strategy GE Grid Solutions. This strategy is currently not available to Guardian.
    • The Smart Polling strategy for Mitsubishi MELSOFT on Arc has been improved. The hardware components for iQ-R devices can now be extracted more accurately.
    • The Smart Polling strategy for SNMP on Arc has been enhanced to support custom MIB mappings to asset information, and to include Brocade, Fortinet FortiGate, and Hirschmann-specific OIDs.
    • Arc has a new discovery strategy for ONVIF devices.
    • Arc has a new discovery strategy for Mitsubishi MELSOFT GOT devices.
    • Arc can now perform discovery on all connected network interfaces, rather than just the primary interface.
  • Arc-654: Smart Polling is now enabled by default in the Arc configuration.
  • Arc-659: Smart Polling and Discovery can be now enabled or disabled independently.