CMC overview

The Central Management Console (CMC) aggregates information from thousands of sites and assets to deliver instant awareness of your networks and their activity patterns.


The Central Management Console (CMC) makes it easy to have visibility of all your Nozomi Networks sensors. The CMC aggregates information from thousands of sites and assets to deliver instant awareness of your operational technology (OT)/Internet of Things (IoT) networks and their activity patterns, enabling users to quickly troubleshoot issues and accelerate incident response across your network.

CMC can be deployed:
  • On-premises
  • In a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure
  • At the edge on physical or virtual appliances


The CMC has been designed to support complex deployments that cannot be addressed with a single sensor. The CMC shares the user experience of the sensor. In comparison to the sensor, some functionalities have been added, and some have been removed. The functionalities that have been added let you manage hundreds of sensors. The functionalities that have been removed increase efficiency for real-world, geographic deployments of the Nozomi Networks Solution architectures.


The CMC Sensors page lets you see and manage all the connected sensors. A graphical representation of all the hierarchical structure of the connected sensors and the sensor Map is presented to allow a quick health check on a user-provided raster map.

Once sensors are connected, they are periodically synchronized with the CMC. In particular, the Environment of each sensor is merged into a global Environment and Alerts are received for a centralized overview of the system. Of course, Alerts can also be forwarded to a security information and event management (SIEM) directly from the CMC, thus enabling a simpler decoupling of components in the overall architecture.


To synchronize data, the sensors must be running the same major Nozomi Networks Operating System (N2OS) release, or one of the two prior major ones. For example, if the CMC is running version 23.0.x (the major release is 23.0), sensors can synchronize if running one of the following versions: 23.0.x, 22.5.x or 22.0.x.

Firmware update is also simpler with a CMC. Once the new firmware is deployed to it, all connected sensors can be automatically updated.