System overview

The Nozomi Networks solution includes partitions and a filesystem structure, along with core system services to help administer and maintain the solution in a production environment.

Table 1. Partition and filesystem layout
N2OS - First partition (/) Main partition that includes a copy of the operating system. The operating system runs from this partition. Two different partitions deliver fast-switch between a running release and the new version.
N2OS - Second partition (/) Partition that coordinates with the first partition to provide reliable update paths.

OS Configuration partition (/cfg)

Partition on which files are copied at the start of the bootstrap process. Contains low-level operating system (OS) configuration files, such as network configurations, shell admin users, etc
Data partition (/data) Partition that contains all user data, such as learned configuration, user-imported data, traffic captures, and persistent database.
Figure 1. Partitions


The data partition includes these sub-folders:
  • cfg: Includes all automatically learned and user-provided configurations. Two main configuration files are stored here:
    • n2os.conf.gz: For automatically learned configurations
    • n2os.conf.user: For additional user-provided configurations
  • data: Working directory for the embedded relational database, used for all persistent data
  • traces: Includes all traces, which are rotated when necessary
  • rrd: Includes aggregated statistics, which is used for traffic, among others